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Here, we try to answer some of the questions we commonly get asked.

Q:  Why do you do this?

A:  The best answer we’ve heard to this question is that if you need to ask at all, you just won’t get it.  But really, it’s because we love the old buses, the nostalgia they represent, and the looks on people’s faces when they see them driving around.

Q.  Can I hire any of your buses for my wedding?

A:  Unfortunately not, for legal reasons which we won’t bore you with.  There are commercial operators who can provide vintage buses though.  Try Bath Bus Company, North Somerset Coaches, London Bus Bristol, or Crosville Motor Services if you’re in Bristol or the surrounding  area.

Q:  Can I hire any of your buses for film work?

A:  Yes, depending on your requirements.  Contact us by emailing webmaster@bvbg.org.uk

Q:  How many miles to the gallon do they do?

A:  Between 10 and 15.  Not bad, considering some of them can carry almost 70 passengers, and a lot more fuel efficient than many modern buses.

Q:  Do you need a special licence to drive them?

A:  That depends on when you passed your basic driving test.  Most drivers who passed before the mid 1990s only need an ordinary car licence (and a bit of practice!)  But to carry more than 8 passengers, you need the a PCV licence.

Q:  What’s your oldest bus?

A:  AHU803, which was built in 1934.

Q:  Is it difficult to get parts for them?

A:  It depends on  the bus.  We have a good collection of spares for Bristol-built buses.

Q:  I’m really interested in what you do.  Can I join the group?

A:  Yes, we’d love to hear from you.  Have a look at our membership information.