Bristol's bus fares

For Bristol Tramways & Carriage Co., Bristol Omnibus Co. and their subsidiaries


We've included here details from some of the company's faretables.  Faretables are quite rare and we don't have many in our archives.  We'll add more to the site when we can.


If you have old faretables of the company's services and you would be willing to donate them to us to help us to complete our archive, please contact


You'll find that most of these faretables are in shillings and pence, so if you're not old enough to remember it, have a look at our guide to the old pre-decimal currency.


Year Area/s covered
1946 Cheltenham District Traction
1955 Bath City
Stroud area
1959 Swindon area
Stroud area
1961 Swindon area
1962 Stroud area
1963 Swindon area
1964 Bath area
1966 Bath area
Swindon area
1967 Stroud area

Bristol Country area

Swindon area
1974 Country area
1981 Swindon area













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