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19th December 2005 - 8 January 2006

Work continues on the rewiring of FTT704RM1363 is still being rubbed down, and dents filled.  Some panels have received undercoat.  The wheels have been removed for inspection and cleaning, and new tyres will be fitted shortly.

12th - 18th December 2005

FTT704 is receiving a re-wire to the top deck to replace the 50-year old wiring, much of which has lost its insulation.


We now have standard brake linings for Bristol K, L and LD types available for sale.  Please see our spares pages for details.


Also for sale are numerous back numbers of Buses Illustrated magazine and Buses magazine.  See our sales page for details.

4th - 11th December 2005

Work continues on YHY80, which has received further work to its hinged side panels, and on RM1363, which is being stripped of paint on the upper deck, where the old paint was particularly bad.

21st November - 3rd December 2005

Please have a look at our information about the centenary of Bristol motor bus services, and join us if you can on the 14th January 2006 to celebrate this anniversary.

14th - 20th November 2005

Work on sanding and filling the bodywork on RM1363 continues, and replacement wooden platform edging pieces have been fitted.  The old ones had rotted while the bus was stored in the open.


7th - 13th November 2005

Work continues to rectify the electrical fault with FTT704.  It transpires that the wiring is in poor condition and insulation has perished in several places, so the job has turned out to be more major than was expected.


YHY80 has started to receive its first topcoat of paint.  Ultimately this will be rubbed down before the final coat is applied.


Dents in RM1363's lower panels have been filled and primer applied to some parts.  The roof has been sanded down:



24th October - 6th November 2005

Work has begun on scraping and rubbing down RM1363 for eventual repainting.

18th October - 23rd October 2005

FTT704 attended the Warminster Running Day on Sunday 23rd October.  This event brings this year's season to an end.  We will post next year's rally dates on the website as soon as we know them in the early part of 2006.


Our attention will now be on continuing the restoration of YHY80, getting RM1363 back on the road and if we really make progress, starting to rebuild the bodywork on LAE13 and TD130.  And RT1599 needs a repaint, too.  Fancy helping? - Check out our "Get involved" page.


10th October - 17th October 2005

RM1363 has now been moved into the Group's premises, ending its long stay in the open on a farm.  It can now be overhauled and repainted.  Thanks to Martin Curtis of Bath Bus Company for his assistance with moving the Routemaster.


26th September - 9th October 2005


With the rally season coming to an end, vehicles are being prepared for the winter and restoration work will be getting underway on those that need it.  Here, TD130's coolant is drained off.



FTT704 will be attending the Warminster running day in a couple of weeks' time, but at present there's a problem with the bells not working.  Our engineers inspect:



YHY80 has had further attention to its side panels, and the entrance doors have been undercoated:



5th September - 25th September 2005

On Sunday 11th September, AHU803 attended the Merthyr Tydfil rally. 

29th August - 4th September 2005

On Sunday 4th September, FTT704 and RT1599 attended RAF Colerne for the display at the end of the Commercial Transport in Preservation road run from Bournemouth.  Our two vehicles provided the park and ride service between the parking area and the display area on the airfield.  Apologies to anyone who had hoped for a ride on GHT127, our open-top bus - we didn't take it due to the threat of thundery weather, which in the end didn't materialise.  See pictures of the event.


Our new shed has now been tidied up completely, and spares stowed away.  This allowed TD130 to be moved by low-loader from its garden home of the last 5 years to our premises so that restoration can begin.  RM1363 will join it in the next few weeks.

22nd - 28th August 2005

Further improvements have been made to the website including a photo gallery for each vehicle and for our Open day.

15th - 21st August 2005

Our Open Day and vehicle rally took place on Sunday 21st August, in fantastic weather.  All our vehicles took part, except TD130 and RM1363.  Hopefully, they'll be available for next year's event - we'll post details of the day once we know the date.  We'd like to hear from you if you attended and would like to give us your views about the event.  Leave feedback.


Due to a change of plans, RT1599 will no longer be attending the rally at the Royal Forest Hotel at Chingford on 11th September.

8th-14th August 2005

All available vehicles are now ready for next week's Open day (unfortunately RM1363 and TD130 won't be there - come again next year if you'd like to see them).  We hope to see you there next week. 


RTW29 has passed its MOT.


1st-7th August 2005

RTW29 has been prepared for its MOT next week.


GHT127 has received attention to its lighting circuits which have been playing up.






25th-31st July 2005

GHT127 attended the Worthing rally.


RTW29's cooling system was reassembled minus its thermostat, and this appears to have cured the overheating problem which we originally suspected might have been caused by a failed head gasket.


18th-24th July 2005

FTT704 attended the Plymouth rally.

11th - 17th July 2005

AHU803 received attention to its autovac following last week's problem, and appears to be cured.


FTT704 has now been fitted with fleetname transfers, and is complete.  It has been checked over prior to its MOT this week and its trip to the Plymouth rally next weekend.


Applying the offside fleetname transfer Completed Applying the front transfer.  Proudly.


GHT154's brake system has been losing vacuum, and the fault has been traced to a non-return valve in which the rubber washer has perished. The search is on to find a replacement.  If you know of a supply of these washers, please get in touch.  B&Q don't stock them, strangely.  Nor do we, which is even stranger - we even have spare gear levers (and how often do you need those?) but we don't have this particular part.


The website hasn't been working quite right, so if you've tried to reach our spares page, and failed, please try again, as the link now works properly.  The same applies if you've been trying to leave feedback.  Apologies for the fault, and for your frustration.

4th - 10th July 2005

AHU803 attended the Aston Manor rally.  Its autovac (fuel pump device) developed a fault during the day, which resulted in the need to stop and refill the autovac's tank about every 20 miles.

27th June - 3rd July 2005

FTT704's offside headlight has been refitted, and the hand-painted advertising panels finished.


RTW29's thermostat and water pump have been removed for inspection.


RT1599 passed its MOT and remains available for use, although we hope to repaint the upper deck later in the year.


AHU803 has been prepared for its visit to the Aston Manor rally next week.


The website has been updated with lists of parts for sale.  Click here for more information

20th June - 26th June 2005

Other than minor retouching, FTT704's paintwork is complete and looking immaculate.  Fleetname transfers need to be applied, and the offside headlamp refitted, and the bus will then be ready.


Following last week's problem, RTW29's bonnet lid, air filter and radiator have been removed to allow the radiator to be cleaned out and for access to the heads, as we think the likely cause of the problem is a failed head gasket.


RT1599 has been prepared for MOT this week.


13th June - 19th June 2005

RTW29 went to Cobham for the 1950's running day.  Sadly, due to mechanical problems, it wasn't able to take part in the public services.  Read more about this.  We will need to trace and rectify the problem before the bus can be used again, but we hope to have it back on the road in time for our Open Day.

23rd May - 12th June 2005

FTT704's front offside wing has been re-fitted and we're making good progress with repainting.


RT1599 has been fitted with new exhaust parts. We're hoping to find time to give the roof a new coat of paint.  Once that's done, TD130 will move to the new shed.


We attended the Stroud running day on 5th June, but took AHU803 instead of the advertised FTT704, as the latter's repaint is not quite complete.


17th May - 23rd May 2005

Three of our vehicles (AHU803, GHT127 and GHT154) attended the Bristol Harbourside rally. 


9th May - 16th May 2005

Most of FTT704's lower deck has now been painted.


RM1363 has received a thorough internal clean of the top deck, and much of the exterior has been cleaned of flaking paint.


We have cleared a space amongst the stack of spares in our new shed which has allowed a bus to be stored there.  We expect to move TD130 into the space shortly, as it's currently under a tarpaulin in its owner's garden.

1st May - 8th May 2005

GHT127 took part in the HCVS London-Brighton run on 1st May, travelling up to Cobham bus museum the day before.

25th April - 1st May 2005

YHY80's lower side panels have started being fitted, and undercoat applied to the back end.


GHT127 has been prepared for the London-Brighton run on 1st May.


RM1363's horn has been rewired, the radiator grille mounting freed, and the grille and surround rubbed down prior to re-paint.

18th-24th April 2005

GHT154 in Bristol Tramways blue livery met First's Olympian, now painted in similar livery.


RM1363's front nearside wheel has been changed.


11th-17th April 2005

RTW29 has received a service and is now ready for the season.


RM1363's electrics received attention, and all the lights are now working correctly.  The main beam switch needs attention, and the horn needs rewiring.  A front wheel needs changing before the vehicle can be entered for an MOT. 


FTT704 is now rubbed down and repainting has begun.


GHT154 has been prepared for its visit to Lawrence Hill Depot on Wednesday, where it will meet the Olympian painted in the blue livery of Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co. that GHT154 itself also carries.