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19th November - 16th December 2012


The December edition of the group's newsletter is on its way to members.  It includes your invitation to our New Year lunch, which this year takes place on Sunday 13th January at the Old Down Inn at Emborough.  If you're a member you can also view the newsletter by logging onto the members' area of the website.


5th - 18th November 2012


John Grigg took RM1363 to visit Begbrook Primary School on Wednesday 14th November.  Afterwards the teacher, Laura Jenkins emailed John:


Hi John,


Thank you again so much for coming in yesterday!  The children LOVED it and were absolutely buzzing for the rest of the day.  I've attached our blog link and some photos for you!  I hope you enjoyed it too.  MANY thanks again!


Laura Jenkins

Year 1 Leader


Here's the blog link - it's well worth a look:


John Grigg and pupils from Year 1 at Begbrook Primary School with RM1363


15th October - 4th November 2012


The Group's autumn mini running day took place on Sunday 28th October 2012, and on 4th November, EMW284 made the long journey to Lincoln to participate in the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society's event.


EMW284 in company with two other Bristols at Lincoln.  Photo: Ken Jones


26th August - 14th October 2012


Please note that the members' quarterly meeting scheduled for 16th October has been cancelled.


13th - 26th August 2012


Members coming to the Severn Valley Railway on 9th September, please note that the bus will leave Brislington at 07.30 and not 08.00 as previously arranged.


On 26th August, GHT127 went to the Crosville rally in Weston-Super-Mare (view photos or video), and RM1363 went to the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway (view photos).


GHT127 at Uphill.  Photo: Roger Newport

RM1363 with Western Welsh coach ABO147B and Trojan van 247HKX at the Pontypool and Blaenavon railway



On 27th August, AHU803 went to Wythall to participate in the NARTM event (view photos).


AHU803 at Wythall.  Photo: Lionel Tancock


6th - 12th August 2012


Our open day and rally run jointly with the Avon Valley Railway took place on 12th August 2012.  The event marked the 50th anniversary of the Bristol RE type, and there was a good turnout of RE buses at the event.


Thanks very much to all our volunteers who gave their time to make the day possible - we couldn't have done it without you.  And thanks very much if you brought your bus along too - we couldn't have done it without you either.  If you'd like to give us any feedback about how the event could be improved for next year, please email


More photos.


Some of the Bristol REs that took part

JAM145E, a Swindon Corporation Daimler CVG6, arrives.  Photo: Ken Jones

The weather wasn't too promising to start with.  Bristol LH, GTX761W arrives.  Photo: Ken Jones

The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Peter Main, officially opened the event.  He is seen here with BVBG Trustees Lionel Tancock (left) and Dayley Lawrence (right).  Photo: Ken Jones



23rd July - 5th August 2012


RM1363 made the long trip over the mountains to the Tom Rolt rally at the Talyllyn Railway over the weekend of 4th and 5th August.  More photos.


RM1363 and Birmingham Corporation Guy Arab JOJ548, new in 1950, at Dolgoch Falls



PFN865, 536JHU, and AHU803 went to the South Cerney rally on 5th August.  More photos.


PFN865 in company with Leyland towbus EUF182 and Bristol tree-lopper FAE60.  Photo: Oliver Leighfield



10th - 22nd July 2012


PFN865 and GHT154 went to the Newbury rally on Sunday 22nd July, which was held to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Bus and Coach Preservation Magazine. 


PFN865 at the Newbury rally.  Photo: Rob Leighfield


2nd - 9th July 2012


The trip to the Alton rally scheduled for 15th July has been cancelled due to the need to get more maintenance work done and because of the weather forecast.  Apologies to any members who were hoping to come along.


25th June - 1st July 2012


If you're a member and you haven't yet returned your Open Day volunteer's form, the organising group would be very grateful to hear from you.   The event is only a couple of months away now and the plans for day are in their final stages of preparation.


536JHU and RM1363 took part in the Strawberry Gathering at the Strawberry Line miniature railway, Avon Valley Country Park, over the weekend of 30th June and 1st July.


RM1363 and 536JHU at the Strawberry Gathering


AHU803 took part in the Pill Carnival on 30th June.


EMW284 and OTT98 took part in the High Wycombe to Bath Royal Blue run over the weekend of 30th June and 1st July.


OTT98 arrives in Teignmouth.  Photo: Ken Jones


11th - 24th June 2012


The replacement roller shutter door has been fitted and all our buses are accessible again.  Repair work to KLJ749 has been completed, and J858FTC has passed its MOT.


Unfortunately, due to vehicle problems, we've had to cancel our attendance at the Maiden Newton at War event this weekend.


FTT704, OTT98, PFN865 and 536JHU took part in the Stroud rally on 24th June (view photos or view video), and RTW29 made the trip to the great British bus jubilee at Brooklands.


FTT704 at the Stroud rally.  Photo: Lionel Tancock


4th - 10th June 2012


A replacement roller shutter door for unit 'H' has now been ordered and is due for installation on 16th June.


28th May - 3rd June 2012


Further work to the roller shutter door of unit 'H' took place on Sunday 3rd June but it has been found to be beyond repair.  A replacement now needs to be ordered, manufactured and fitted, which may take some time.  Meanwhile, AHU803, FTT704, GHT127, GHT154 and RM1363 are trapped within and will be unavailable for use.  This will inevitably entail changes to the buses that will be representing the group at forthcoming events.  Repair work to KLJ749 has progressed, but the bus is not yet back in use.


On 2nd June, RTW29, GHT127, AHU803 and RM1363 took part in the Avon Valley Railway's Bitton 1940s event.   The event was due to run on Sunday 3rd June as well but was cancelled due to the very poor weather that was forecast.  In fact this was lucky as it would have been next to impossible to get the buses out on the morning of Sunday 3rd, as the roller shutter door at the Group's base failed in fairly impressive style on Saturday night and was only secured after four and a half hours' work on the part of several members.


Winston Churchill and an evacuee await transport.  (We know, the Routemaster isn't a 1940s bus, but it is convenient for shuttling passengers between the railway and the car park...)

Better?  AHU803, dating from 1934 poses with a passenger in period costume

In the midst of it all, a wedding took place.  The bride has arrived on GHT127, accompanied by what looks like a mafioso in the background

...and a Gendarme (a little off his beat) gives a stern warning to the photographer.



OTT98 passed its MOT on 29th May.


Meanwhile, in London, Roger Newport found a Borismaster (LT61 AHT) in action on route 38:


Photos: Roger Newport


21st - 27th May 2012


On Sunday 27th May, KLJ749, PFN865, EMW284 and OTT98 went to the rally at Cheltenham Coach Station.  Unfortunately KLJ749 sustained some damage on return to the Group's premises and will now need some bodywork repairs. 


RM1363 went to the historic transport show at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. View photos


RM1363 at the Ragley Hall transport show


On 22nd May, GHT127 was present to celebrate the Olympic Torch relay's visit to Bitton, and was used as a vantage point for the official photographers.  View video (on YouTube)


Photo: Roger Newport


The list of rallies and events has now been updated to include details of the events that OTT98 will be visiting this year.


14th - 20th May 2012


GHT127 will be going to Bitton Station on 22nd May to take part in the events surrounding the Oympic Torch Relay that will be passing the station at 17.00 that day.  If any members would like to go, please be at Flowers Hill at 15.00 and wearing bus crew uniform.


Unfortunately the trip to Yeovil and the Fleet Air Arm Museum that was due to take place on 19th May has been postponed as several of those who had booked were unable to make it.  We'll announce a new date in due course.


30th April - 13th May 2012


RM1363 acted as Bulgy the Bus on Sunday 13th May for the Avon Valley Railway's Thomas the Tank Engine weekend.



22nd - 29th April 2012


Due to the appalling weather forecast, the trip to Cobham for Sunday 29th April was cancelled.


A Bristol Lodekka new to Central SMT (HGM336E) has turned up in use as a cafe in Addis Ababa.  Phil Dunnington, who found it there, kindly sent us these photos:


Former Central SMT Bristol Lodekka, HGM336E in Ethiopia.  Photos: Phil Dunnington


On Saturday 28th April, RM1363 and KLJ749 took members of four choirs from southern Gloucestershire to St Georges, Brandon Hill, Bristol.   Thanks very much to all the members who crewed the buses during the day.


The buses leave Yate Bus Station.  Photo - Roger Newport

KLJ749 unloads in Park St.  Photo - Roger Newport


RM1363 returned from work at Ward Jones Commercial Vehicles on Monday 23rd, with replacement brake accumulators amongst other things.


RM1363 at Ward Jones in company with Mike Ellis' ex-Bristol Omnibus Bristol LS, XHW426.  Photo: Roger Newport


25th March - 22nd April 2012


Please note that RTW29 will not be attending the Cobham Bus Museum event at Wisley on Sunday 29th.  Members will be able to travel to the event in J858FTC instead, but none of the vintage buses will be going this year, unfortunately.


19th - 25th March 2012


Please note that unfortunately PFN865 will not be able to make the journey to the Detling Transport Show in Kent next weekend as defects have been found with two of its tyres.


The Group's spring mini-running day took place in lovely sunshine on Sunday 25th March.  More photos

View video (on YouTube)


New member David Arendell, with family and friends, tries his hand as a conductor

While established conductors Dayley Lawrence and Oliver Leighfield await departure on GHT154



4th - 18th March 2012


KLJ749 took part in a wartime evacuation experience for children at Wick Primary School on Tuesday 13th March, taking them from the school to the Avon Valley Railway.


RM1363 is now receiving professional attention at Ward Jones Commercial Vehicles.


20th February - 3rd March 2012


The Trustees' meeting on 3rd March approved the list of rallies and events that we'll be attending in 2012.


6th - 19th February 2012


A Wednesday gang has been set up and has started work on the project to rebuilt the body of our Leyland PD1, LAE13  If you're interested in getting involved in this work, please contact Paul Tovey:


After an attempt to re-pressurise the brake accumulators on RM1363, it is clear that at least one of the accumulators needs to be replaced, and the bus will be going to Ward Jones Commercial vehicles in High Wycombe for attention during March.


KLJ749 helped out with transport for a model railway show at Warminster on Saturday 18th February, in company with Kelvin Amos' LHT911.



23rd January - 5th February 2012


The Group's AGM took place on Sunday 5th February.  The meeting approved the proposed changes to the constitution, and appointed Dayley Lawrence and David Cole as new Trustees, while Alan King stepped down after many years' service as a Trustee.  The accounts for the financial year ending 31st October 2011 were approved.  The revised constitution and the accounts are available on the members' area of the website.


8th - 22nd January 2012


22nd January was a busy day for the group, with AHU803 providing transport between the University of the West of England and Parkway Station for the Bristol 'O' Gauge Group's model railway show, KLJ749 providing crash-gearbox training for a new member, and RM1363 out on a Routemaster driving experience for another enthusiast.  A good number of members were also working on projects at the Group's base in Flowers Hill as it was another of our regular working days at which all members are welcome: a big thanks to all of you who came along to help.


AHU803 at the UWE.  Photo: Roger Newport

New member Phil French prepares to refresh his memory of driving crash-gearbox buses.  Photo: Roger Newport

While Ron Edmond tries out a Routemaster for size.  Photo: Roger Newport


At the Trustees' meeting last week, the Trustees agreed that Rob and Oliver Leighfield's ex-East Kent AEC Regent V towbus PFN865 would become part of the Group's collection of vehicles.  A history of the vehicle will appear on the website shortly.


East Kent AEC Regent V towbus, PFN865.


About 50 members came to the Group's New Year lunch on 15th January, at the Old Down Inn at Emborough.  Transport was provided by KLJ749 this year.


Maneouvring outside the Old Down Inn.


1st - 8th January 2012


If you've been looking at the rally dates for this year, please note that the BVBG/Avon Valley Railway rally will be on 12th August.



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